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We offer the most complete information service on the market, including:

1- Details of All the Notices of National and International Calls for tender for public and private sector marketplaces in your industry sector, at a national level.

2-​ Details of All the Outcomes, such as: Awards, Retractions, Cancellations., Updates, Extensions, Final Calls, Terminations, Decisions, and even auctions.

​3-​ The daily ​NEWSLETTER in which you will receive an overview of the Notices of Calls for Tender and the outcomes in your industry sector.

​4- The free downloadable mobile app for your Smartphone or Tablet.

​5-Legal advice service: a lawyer is available to offer advice and help with the regulations and procedures in force in public sector markets, notably the New Law regarding public sector contracts enacted in Sep 2015.

​6- A telephone helpline 6/7 days, where our operators are ready to answer all your questions.​

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